Privacy Policy

DataRM Website Privacy Policy

Date: 14th November 2023

1. Introduction

At Datarm we value your privacy and are committed to protecting and processing your personal information responsibly.

This privacy statement describes how Datarm collects, uses, and shares personal information about consumers and other individuals within our clients, business partners, supplier and other organizations with which Datarm has or contemplates a business relationship. It applies to Datarm Corporation and Datarm subsidiaries except where a subsidiary presents its own statement without reference to Datarm’s.

Where we provide products, services, or applications as a business-to-business provider to a client, the client is responsible for the collection and use of personal information while using these products, services, or applications. This collection and use is covered by the client’s privacy policy, unless otherwise described. Our agreement with the client may allow us to request and collect information about authorized users of these products, services, or applications for reasons of contract management. In this case, this privacy statement, or a supplementary privacy notice, applies.

We may provide additional data privacy information by using a supplementary privacy notice.

2. Personal information we may collect and use

This section describes the various types of information that we collect and how we use it.

It includes information on your account, marketing, support services, cookies and similar technologies.  

The information that we collect and use may include profile information, interactions on webpages, marketing preferences, information to investigate malicious activities, recordings or transcripts of your conversations with us for support purposes, information to improve our business operations, and more

3. Your Account

You can create an account with DataRM by creating a user profile. An user profile provides DataRM with your name, email address, and country or region of residence.  

We may require a user profile for certain services, such as the use of the AVA Chatbot.  

We may also store your details from business contact information that you provide to us, or that we collect from your organization, our Business Partners, or our suppliers.

4. Website

Our websites offer ways to communicate with you about us, our products, and services. The information that we collect on websites is used to provide you with access to the website, to operate the website, to improve your experience, and to personalize the way that information is provided to you. If you visit our websites without logging in with a user account, we may still collect information that is connected to your website visit.

For more information on the technologies that we use to collect website information, and setting your preferences, see cookies.  

5. Marketing

Subject to your preferences, we use the information that we collect to communicate with you about relevant products, services, and offerings. We also use this information to personalize your online experience with our content and advertisements and to develop internal marketing and business intelligence. You may also submit an opt out request, or select Unsubscribe at the bottom of each marketing email. To review or set your preferences regarding the information that we collect about you online on our websites, select Cookie Preferences in the website footer.

6. Conducting our Business Operations

We collect and use information to improve our business operations, systems, and processes. For example, information may be used to conduct, maintain, audit, and optimize our operations, to protect our assets and employees, for product development, and to defend our rights.

7. Cookies and Similar Technologies

When you visit our websites, cloud and online services, software products, or view our content on certain third-party websites, we collect information regarding your connection and your activity by using various online tracking technologies, such as cookies, web beacons, Local Storage, or HTML5. Information that is collected with these technologies may be necessary to operate the website or service, to improve performance, to help us understand how our online services are used, or to determine the interests of our users. We use advertising partners to provide and assist in the use of such technologies on and other sites.