Meet AVA

Work faster, streamline repetitive tasks and share ideas, all while keeping your data secure inside your cloud.

Chat is only the beginning.

Use Private OpenAI

Nothing is more important than your data. AVA runs inside your Azure instance, keeping all your data inside your cloud.

Create With Ease

Unlock the power of Gen AI models like GPT-4 to create documents, write emails and generate ideas at lightning speed.

Run AI Tasks

Create, analyze, compare and format documents instantly with AI Task templates you can save and share with your team.

AI Workspaces

Write, edit and share documents with the power of AI, all without having to leave AVA.

MSFT Integration

AVA can search across your SharePoint, Teams and Outlook to find answers and speed up your work.

Executive Insights

AVA maps how data and tools are used across your organization, providing insights and process mining like never before.

Use AI grounded in your private data.

Safely use your data to power AVA Chat and AVA Tasks to get grounded, reliable answers.

Chat with your documents
Quickly create documents from templates
Compare against grounded data

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does AVA cost?

Get started for only $1,000/mo. AVA deployments are billed via a monthly site license based on a fixed base cost and number of users. Additional Azure resource costs also apply based on usage.

How do I manage access to AVA?

AVA uses SSO with MFA to provide RBAC secured access based on your existing security rules.

Where does my data live?

AVA lives in your Azure infrastructure, so your data stays secure inside your cloud when you use Azure OpenAI models.

What AI models can I use?

AVA is powered natively by the latest OpenAI models available in Azure OpenAI. Configurations for models like Mistral, LLama-2, Anthropic and other custom models are available.

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