AVA Features

From data connections to powerful, repeatable AI Tasks, AVA goes beyond chat to help you work better, faster.

AI for Business

AVA Is a unified AI layer for your organization that connects to your data where it lives. AVA powers document analysis and processing that goes far beyond a simple LLM chatbot.

Share Your Chats

Chat with AVA, save your work in an AVA Workspace, then share to your team members, all without leaving AVA.

Use your Docs

AVA allows you to upload documents to AVA chats for instant insights and comparisons.

Choose Your AI Model

AVA uses Azure-hosted AI models like GPT-4-Turbo by default, but our flexible infrastructure allows you to use other models from Mistral, Anthropic and more.

Use AI Across Your Team

Deploy AVA in Your Azure Tenant

Go beyond chat.

AVA can transform business operations for everyone. HR, Marketing, Sales, Contracts … wherever your business uses documents, AVA can help.

Secure Open AI

Leverage the power of AI models from OpenAI through the security of Microsoft Azure. By deploying AVA to your cloud, you can chat, create documents and gather business insights in the safety of Microsoft Azure.

AI Workspaces

Chat is only the beginning. AVA Workspaces let you use AI create, edit and share formatted documents, all without leaving AVA. Take notes, write proposals, refine contract language … the possibilities are endless.

AVA AI Tasks

The true power of AI is in automation. AVA Tasks lets you build repeatable workflows you can run to compare and generate documents at the speed of AI. Share AVA Tasks with your team to help your organization work faster than ever.

Shared Sessions

Organizations thrive when teams communicate. Chat with AVA, edit in AVA Workspaces, then share your sessions with teammates, all inside AVA.

How will you use AVA?

Getting started in AI can be overwhelming. DataRM is here to guide you through the emerging landscape of enterprise AI. Let us help you understand what your business needs and how to join the AI transition.

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