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Build passive revenue through Gen AI on Azure with AVA by DataRM.

Provide exponential value to your clients by partnering with DataRM to provide business-ready AI solutions.

Build Passive Revenue

Enhance your margins as you grow with our tiered revenue sharing that directly boosts your bottom line.

Enhance Client Retention

Enhance client retention by providing secure, top-tier Gen AI applications that place you at the forefront of innovation.

Drive Growth

Drive your MSP's growth by offering secure Gen AI solutions in Azure.

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Let a member of our team show you why AVA is truly AI for enterprise.

Monthly Commissions starting at 20%+

Earn 20% or more for the life of contracts you sell. Minimum contracts start at $1,900/mo with commissions increasing with contract size.

Offer ends March 14, 2024

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The Benefits of Partnering with DataRM

Generate Recurring Revenue

AI presents an in-demand, high-margin earning opportunity. With easy set up, trusted infrastructure and guaranteed Azure spend, AVA offers a uniquely profitable opportunity with sales commissions starting at 20%.  

Increase Azure Spend

AVA by DataRM runs inside your client's Azure tenant. From databases to AI queries, more users means more monthly Azure spend.

Deploy Secure AI

Provide sought-after Gen AI solutions today without the headache of development. DataRM gives you a head start in a new

Adoption, Training and Engagement

Selling AVA hinges on your ability to confidently onboard and educate clients.

DataRM will work with you to guide clients through the sales funnel. Our training materials and onboarding sessions can provide clarity and confidence at every step from initial sales calls to post-launch support and initial user training.

Why AVA by DataRM?

ChatGPT in your cloud

Unleash the power of OpenAI's models securely inside your clients' tenants

Built-in RBAC with Entra

AVA leverages existing Entra roles and permissions to simplify onboarding

Azure-hosted back end

From databases to AI models, every part of AVA lives in Azure, helping to drive Azure spend

AI Workspaces and Tasks

Go beyond chat with AI tools for business designed to increase productivity

Focus on revenue, we'll handle R&D

Focus on serving your clients and adding customers while DataRM develops and deploys AI tools that power the next wave of business innovation.

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